Epilepsy Cure Initiative

About Us

EPILEPSY CURE INITIATIVE (ECI) - is a not for profit incorporated organization founded by parents of a child with uncontrolled seizures, inspired by life experiences and fuelled by a burning desire to make a positive difference for people with epilepsy here and now.

ECI is dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of epilepsy to bring an end to myths, misconceptions and fear of both seizures and the disorder, as well as to discrimination against people with epilepsy.

ECI is also committed to promoting ketogenic diet therapies, supporting epilepsy research and informing the public about the urgent need for increased efforts in epilepsy research to advance new treatments that offer better seizure control and fewer side effects. As well ECI is advocating for a more effective and improved formalized epilepsy care system being brought to Canada.

Since 1997, Margaret Maye, founder of ECI, has been active and unstoppable for the epilepsy cause ever since her son Thomas was stricken with his first epileptic seizure.

She works tirelessly with passion using her artistic and organizational talents to improve the quality of life of those inflicted with seizures and to support other charitable and socially beneficial causes.

Her efforts over the years have led to the creation and establishment of ECI.

Some achievements include:

  • in March 2010 - ECI initiated a public petition for improvements in epilepsy care and creation of formalized, specialized epilepsy care centers
  • on the occasion of March Epilepsy Awareness Month, in 2009 and 2010, ECI initiated and organized along with Epilepsy Ontario, the Epilepsy Informative Session (EIS) - an epilepsy awareness and educational event, held at the Provincial Parliament of Ontario in Queen's Park in Toronto.

    These sessions brought together epilepsy agencies from across the province, leading epilepsy researchers, medical professionals specializing in epilepsy care, and epilepsy community organizations who were present to speak in one voice to Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament, united by a main principal which is the well being of people with epilepsy

    Different epilepsy issues were brought to the attention of MPP's with the emphasis on a few key areas such as: awareness, disability, discrimination, improvement of specialized clinical care and increased funding for both research and community organizations

  • the organization, production and establishment of a yearly benefit concert for epilepsy starting in 2007, 2008, 2009. These artistic events of exquisite quality have featured both international and Canadian stars, created epilepsy awareness and donated funds to the University of Toronto Epilepsy Research Program
  • individual fundraising efforts that provided funds for epilepsy research
  • creating epilepsy awareness through newspapers and magazine articles, radio & TV interviews and documentary programs
  • through her efforts a motion to recognize formally Epilepsy Awareness Day in the Province of Ontario was introduced in May 2009 by a Member's Statement to the Ontario Legislative Assembly asking to declare March 26 as an "Epilepsy Awareness Day in the Province of Ontario."
  • Some quotes:

    "Margaret is a powerful force in the world of Epilepsy awareness. I know her tenacity will continue to impact until she has helped the last seizure to subside, until the last child's brain has been damaged, and until her own son has endured his last seizure".

    - Jim Abrahams, Sept 6, 2008 Co-founder & Executive Director the Charlie Foundation, Hollywood director, producer, writer

    "It is very fitting that we have candles on the stage because Margaret you are a light, not only to all of those who suffer from Epilepsy, but to the artistic community, to our community, really you are a light to the Polish community, you are our light Margaret",

    - Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale - High Park, October 2008

    A letter from the Premier of Ontario:

    Thanks for your online message regarding an epilepsy awareness day. I'm always interested in hearing about the things that matter most to Ontarians.

    As the issue you raised would also interest my colleague the Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, I've passed along a copy of your correspondence to her for her information.

    Thanks again for contacting me. My colleagues and I will keep taking your views into consideration as we continue our work to achieve further results and keep Ontario moving forward.

    - Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario