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Epilepsy Informative Session 2010

Date: March 1, 2010 Click to view the poster

Our initiative brought together, for the second year, epilepsy agencies from across the province, medical professionals specializing in epilepsy care, leading epilepsy researchers, and epilepsy community organizations who were present to speak to Ontario Members of the Provincial Parliament about epilepsy.

We had a great outcome that day, despite it being the last week of the current session of the legislature before being prorogue for a new session. As a result of this, a great number of MPP's had taken the week off and were not present in the house.

We all were able to meet with and speak to a number of politicians from different parties and their aids, four ministers including the Minister of Health and two of her senior advisors, as well as the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, Tim Hudak.

In total, 17 MPPs attended the reception, Attendance had the following breakdown: Specifically, the following Ministers were there: Party Leaders: The Parliamentary Assistants in attendance were:

Our main messages from this event are found here
Transcript from Queen's Park can be found here

Left to Right - (Thomas Drag, Tim Hudak, Margaret Maye, Gary Neumann)

Left to Right - (Hon. Laurel C. Broten, Margaret Maye)

(Hon. John Wilkinson)

Left to Right - (Hon. Linda Jeffrey,John O'Toole, Margaret Maye)

Left to Right - (Diane McKenzie, Tamzin Jeffs)

Left to Right - (Margaret Maye, W. McIntyre Burnham)

Left to Right - (Andrea, Garfield Dunlop, Margaret Maye)

Left to Right - (Basia Zborowska, Michael Prue, Margaret Maye, Joanna Klimczak, Thomas Drag)

Left to Right - (Gary Neumann, Margaret Maye )