Epilepsy Cure Initiative

Past Events

ECI visit to A.N. Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls - Epilepsy Awareness Day

Date: March 05, 2010

ECI visit to A.N. Myer Secondary School in Niagara Falls, Ontario

On March 5, 2010, on the occasion of Epilepsy Awareness Month - Epilepsy Cure Initiative's members: Margaret Maye, Gary Neumann and Thomas Drag visited A.N. Myer Secondary School in Niagara Falls, Ontario to spread the word about epilepsy. We were invited there by our friend and long time supporter of epilepsy cause, Miss Of All Canadian Charities Joanna Klimczak, a student of A.N Myer who is also a Founder of Hand in Hand Youth Organization.

With our epilepsy posters and brochures in hand we met and spoke with teachers and students and answered their questions about epilepsy. Not many of them knew what to do while being a witness to an epileptic seizure or what a seizure was. Thomas was explaining and interacting with students very well, relating to him due to their similar age. All were very interested and supportive and wanted to be able to help. Even one very shy student came out and shared with us her story and experience with the disorder.

More advocacy and teaching is needed so that young people and the public understand seizures, how to act and help people with epilepsy.

We had also brought with us lavender ribbons which symbolize epilepsy. The students distributed the ribbons among themselves as a sign of support for people with epilepsy. As well everybody signed our Petition for Improved Care for Epilepsy Patients in the Province of Ontario.

Afterwards we enjoyed cookies and refreshments and took a memory picture together. As well we gave out lavender sachets as beautifully fragrant gifts and reminders of epilepsy awareness month.

It was a very pleasant experience to see compassionate and supportive young people, truly interested in learning about epilepsy. That is where the positive change in perceiving and treating people with epilepsy begins.